Summer Glow Package!

Glow this summer with our Healing House Summer Glow Package!

Summer, the happiest season the year. It invites us to enjoy our day in the sun and at the beach. It can be amazing fun and really enjoyable, however, you also need to give your skin more attention and care during this time.

To help you with that, we at Healing House are offering a new and special skin treatment for a healthier looking glow.

This delightful treatment begins with components of a traditional Thai and Aromatherapy Massage, using firm and rhythmic pressure down your back from head to toe. This starts your relaxation and prepares you for the open of the treatment.

Following a gentle body scrub, an application to remove dead skin and improve circulation with buffing is done. This exfoliates and polishes your skin with a choice of either Coconut or Aloe Vera aroma and skin care. During the scrub, you feel an instant sense of recovery.

After that, the therapist removes the scrub to prepare your skin for a deep moisturising which enriches it with antioxidants and vitamins. You will then be cocooned in a body wrap, a technique used to create warmth and help with the absorption of moisture into your skin.

A facial scrub and mask application are a complementary therapy added on to the treatment. So during the body wrap process, you will receive a facial and a scalp massage that improves your relaxation even further. This uplifting experience finished with a refreshing shower to awaken your senses will leave your skin feeling invigorated, smoother, and younger than ever.

This 90-minute treatment is only $149

Or if you would like to add a little more massage into your treatment we also offer a special package, that includes 30 minutes of our Signature massage with oil down your back from head to toe.

This is only $199 for the complete 120-minute treatment package.

Call us and book Summer Glow Package now and try this invigorating experience for yourself today!

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