Healing House Signature

The popular Healing House Signature Massage includes components of traditional Thai and Aromatherapy Massage. 

You will leave this treatment feeling revitalised with a strong sense of wellbeing.

60 min $119 | 90 min $169

Traditional Thai Massage

This oil free massage dating back thousands of years, focuses on the body's energy lines. The treatments uses firm, rhythmic pressure while gently stretching the body.

You will leave feeling relaxed, energised and revitalised from head to toe!

60 min $119 | 90 min $169

Aromatherapy Massage

A deeply relaxing massage using a special blend of organic oils. Smooth, flowing movements, aimed at relieving muscular tension while assisting deep relaxation.

This massage promotions improved circulation, healing and calming relaxation.

60 min $119 | 90 min $169

Remedial Massage

A healing massage designed to relieve the pain and discomfort of tight muscles while promoting relaxation through deep tissue massage using organic oils.

This treatment will enhance muscle function, aid in the healing process and promote relaxation.

60 min $129 | 90 min $179

Sports Massage

This massage is ideal for people wishing to focus on preparing for, or recovering from training or to assist in the healing of sporting related injuries. Ensure you reach peak performance and shorten recovery time.

The focus of this massage is on flexibility and healing while encouraging relaxation.

60 min $119 | 90 min $169

Foot Reflexology

This therapeutic treatment begins with a foot bath and scrub, followed by amThai foot massage that focuses on a system of zones in the foot that when manipulated, correspond with specific areas in the body.

Feel the tension, stress and discomfort leave your body as balance is restored.

60 min $119 | 90 min $169

Brisbane Massage Day Spa

Couple Massage

Healing House welcomes all couples, partners, family and friends to enjoy a massage together. A romantic escape or a shared relaxing experience, this massage is perfect! 

Our treatment will relieve tension while relaxing your body and your mind. Reconnect with your loved one while experiencing and therapeutic and peaceful massage together.

60 min $239 | 90 min $339

Pregnancy Massage

This beautiful treatment is the perfect way for expectant mothers to take time out for relaxation and to connect with their unborn baby.

Gentle massage techniques are used aiding relaxation while reducing pregnancy related discomfort. Our staff are highly trained in providing a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience..

60 min $119


Our Specials

Bookings are essential. Not valid with any other promotion or HiCaps payment.

Signature Massage

Make your day with a relaxing and energised boost.

$ 119
60 minutes
  • Special Price
  • Our Signature Massage
  • Boost Your Health and Energy
  • Total Relaxation & Rejuvination

Healing Stone Package

inc. foot & full body massage, facial & scrub.

$ 269
150 minutes
  • Thai Foot Massage
  • Full Body Massage
  • Facial & Cleanser
  • Scrub, Mask & Moisturise

Thai Hot Compress

Hot Deep Tissue Herbal & Aromatic Massage

$ 129
60 minutes
  • Thai Herbal Hot Compress Balls
  • Pleasing Aroma & Deep Tissue
  • Lasting Relief
  • Bookings essential


experience allows couples to relax together

$ 239
60 minutes
  • private couple room
  • price for 2 people
  • Gift voucher available
  • Visit Us to Book

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